Department Of Physical Education


Mr. P. Amose Silva Emerson is the first Director of Physical Education of the college who served from 1967 to 2001, retired on May 2001. During his meticulous tenure he has created history by producing many university, state, and national players of high caliber who brought laurels to the college in many levels. Many dignitaries who hold high positions in Banks, Income tax offices, Customs and central Exercise offices were learners of the department who sharpened their skills in Kabaddi, Soccer, and Athletics under him. Since Nazareth is the place where soccer is nurtured as a culture and produced legends like Indian Colours Gunapandian, Gandhi and others, the college soccer team was also well known for its competency around the state during his period. The college Kabaddi team showed its supremacy in the university competitions under his leadership. He had been a renowned veteran of his art to the college teams in the university competitions. The college won many university championships in Kabaddi and Football under his able and intellectual guidance.

The successor of the department Dr. J. Rajasingh Rogland has been serving as a Director of Physical Education since June 2001. The status developed by his predecessor has been maintained since his arrival. The soccer team of the college claimed the M.S.University Championship in the year 2012-13. Adding to soccer and Kabaddi, the college Athletics has also been raised to a supreme level, so as to win the Zonal Championship in the year 2005-06 and University Championship in the year 2006-07.

Our College has a vast landscape of 48.5 acres, the building has occupied only 10 acres and the rest of the land is used for all the playground facilities. Totally 75% of the College land has been used for playfield facilities.

The infrastructure facilities available for sports and games Infrastructure No. of fields/courts available
1 Standard 400mts Track 1
2 Football Field 2
3 Five-a-side Football court 1
4 Hockey Field 1
5 Volley ball court 1
6 Kabaddi court 1
  •  Training equipments like weight training barbells, starting blocks, hurdles, throwing equipments etc were also available for sports and games.

Teams in our College

Boys - Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Kabaddi, and Weightlifting.

Girls - Athletics, Football and Weightlifting.

  •  Football, Kabaddi, Volley Ball, Cricket, and Athletics coaching has been carried out for the college students everyday.
  •  The Director of Physical Education selects the skilled students for sports and games and gives regular coaching throughout the year.
  •  Women students are encouraged to participate in Football, weightlifting and in various athletic events.
  •  The students excel in sports are selected and given training by the Director of Physical Education to participate in the inter-collegiate sports competitions.
  •  Special coaching camps in Football and Athletics have been conducted for the school and college boys. Special prizes are given to the medal winners in the college Sports day celebrations.
  •  Special Physical fitness training is given to the students those who appear for the uniform services examinations.
  •  Special Physical fitness training and guidance are given to the students who are willing to join Physical Education degree courses.


Athletic team emerged as 'B' Zone champion in the M. S. University 'B' Zone Athletic Meet.


Athletic team secured Overall III position in the M. S. University Annual Athletic Meet.


Athletic team emerged as University Champions in the M. S. University Annual Athletic Meet.

2007 – 2008 - M.S. University Annual Athletic Meet
S.No Name Department Event Place
1 M. Kannan III B.A (Hist) 100mts Run
Long Jump
4x100mts Relay
4x400mts Relay
2 B. Kartheesan III B.A (Hist) 800mts Run
1500mts Run
4x100mts Relay
4x400mts Relay
3 P. Sathyaraj I B.A (Eco) 5000mts Run
10000mts Run
4 S. Ganesan I B.A (Eco) 20 KM walk III
5 M. Pachirajan I B.A (Eco) Half Marathon III
6 N. Azhahiyanambi II B.Sc. (Zoo) 110mts Hurdles
4x100mts Relay
4x400mts Relay
7 P. Manikandan I B.A (Eco) Shot put II
8 S. Jegan Akilaraj III B.A (Eco) Javelin Throw I
9 S. Joel Raja II B.Com. 4x100mts Relay I
10 M.S. Saravanaperumal II B.Sc (Che) 4x400mts Relay I
Overall Athletic Champions – M.S. University


Football team were Champions in the Inter-collegiate Football tournament organized by Alumni association of Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Physical Education, Tiruchendur.


Our Athletic team secured overall III position in the M.S University Annual Athletic Meet.

2009 – 2010 - M.S. University Annual Athletic Meet
S.No Name Department Event Place
1 P. Azhagianambi II B.A (Hist) 5000mts Run
Half Marathon
2 A. Tyson Tonyraja II B.Com Hammer Throw
Discus Throw
3 G. Duraisingh III B.Com Discus Throw
Hammer Throw
4 S. Ganesan III B.A(Eco) 4x400mts Relay III
5 J. Sathish II B.Com 4x400mts Relay III
6 T. Akilan Athithan I B. Com 4x400mts Relay III
7 S. Jeyaganeshan I B.A (Eco) 4x400mts Relay III


Football team emerged as Champions in the M.S.University Inter-collegiate Men Football tournament.


Football team got Runners-up in the MUTA Inter-collegiate Men Football tournament.


1 100 Mts. P. Selvaraj 11.2 Sec 1979
2 200 Mts. P. Selvaraj 23.1 Sec 1978
3 400 Mts. Nallaperumal 52.9 Sec 1984
4 800 Mts. B. Kartheesan 2:06.0 Sec 2008
5 1500 Mts. C. Stalinraj 4:30.4 Sec 2002
6 5000 Mts. P. Azhagianambi 17:08.6 Sec 2011
7 10000 Mts. C. Stalinraj 37:27.0 Sec 2001
8 4 x 100 Mts. Relay III YEAR Team 47.0 Sec 1979
9 4 x 400 Mts. Relay III YEAR Team 3:43.5 Sec 1982
10 Long Jump S.I. Peter 6.88 Mts 1985
11 Triple Jump S. Gideon 13.27 Mts 2014
12 High Jump Venugopal 1.78 Mts 1979
13 Pole Vault D. Selvakkan David 3.00 Mts 1994
14 Shot-put E. Johnathisaya Raj 13.02 Mts 2015
15 Discus Throw A. Tyson Tonyraja 34.86 Mts 2011
16 Javelin Throw S. Muthukumar 48.04 Mts 2005
17 Hammer Throw E. Johnathisaya Raj 37.94 Mts 2015

Dr. J. RAJASINGH ROGLAND, M.P.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., CNIS(Football),

Director of Physical Education

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