Various fee concessions and scholarships are awarded to deserving students by the Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu and the College Management. The kinds of scholarships & concession available are mentioned below.


  1. Government of Tamil Nadu (State) Post Metric Scholarship to Backward classes, most backward classes and Denotified Community students.
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu (State) Scholarship and "Free Education" to First Generation Students belonging to backward classes up to UG Degree level.
  3. Government of Tamil Nadu (State) Scholarship and Free Education belonging to Most Backward classes and Denotified Community students up to UG Degree level.
  4. Government of India Post Metric Scholarship to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students.
  5. Government of Tamil Nadu Free Education up to degree level Scheduled Tribe students (those who are not getting Government of India scholarship).
  6. State Loan Scholarship belonging to Scheduled caste and scheduled Tribe students residing in the Hostel.
  7. Government of India Scheme of Scholarship for the Physically Handicapped students.
  8. National Merit Scholarship.
  9. National Loan Scholarship.
  10. Educational Concessions and Scholarship to the children of Freedom fighters.
  11. Educational Concessions and Scholarships to the children of Defence Service personnel and Ex-servicemen.
  12. State Scholarship to the children of teachers in primary and secondary schools.
  13. Adhoc Merit Scholarships to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students who have secured 60% and above marks in colleges, Arts and Professional.
  14. Award of Prize Money to scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students who have secured 60% and above marks in the final degree examinations of UG and PG.
  15. Sea-fare Welfare Fund Society Scholarship.
  16. Tamil Nadu Educational TRUST Scholarship.
  17. Students Aid fund is available for deserving economically poor students.
  18. Tamilnadu 2006 – Farm Labourers & Farmers (Social security & Welfare) Scheme.
  19. Minority Communities Scholarship.
  20. E.V.R. Nagammal Scheme – Free Education for the Girl Students Studying in PG Course.
  21. Tamil Nadu Police Centenary Scholarship.
  22. Central Government of India Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.
  23. Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese special scholarship for the needy.


  1. Relaxation in age – limit is available under certain conditions.
  2. Eligible community means Christian Adi-Dravidar& MBC.
  3. As per Go. MS. No.660 EDUCATION Dt.24.4.1979, 90% of Attendance IS COMPULSORY for availing. of all kinds of scholarship.
  4. Students who are eligible to get scholarships are asked to apply for the scholarships at the proper time and reap the benefits

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