Principal Desk


I am happy to welcome you to our Website which takes you on a detour of our campus which spreads over about 48 acres of land and also introduces to you the activities carried out therein. The College is located in a quiet and severe rural area in an ambience conducive to deep study and learning. 

As our College motto suggests we aim to expose the inherent potentials of our students and to nurture them to the utmost and to enlighten the students to lead a life which is relevant and useful to the society.

With this mission in our mind and with the help of the highly qualified and devoted faculty and supportive staff, we provide a quality education to be a passionate about their subject and to love their study. We subject our students to the rigours of deep learning and instill in them a real analytical Beult of mind for scientific enquiry. 

But at the same time we do care to see that this scientific spirit in tempered with a human touch, thus, we aim at the holistic development of our student into a full-fledged responsive and responsible member of humanity.   

                                                                                                                      DR. H. RAVINDRAN,

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